SampleTest Papers

The Department of Education has sample test papers on its web page. Click below for links to those papers. Answers to the questions appear after each test.

Reading 1

[Answers & Explanations]

Mathematics 1

General ability 1

Reading 2

Mathematics 2

General ability 2

Reading 3

Mathematics 3

General ability 3

Not available

Mathematics 4

General ability 4


The Tests are Difficult.

The tests are generally very difficult, but don’t forget they are difficult for everybody. Even very bright students get about half the items wrong so don’t get disheartened. If you get slightly more than half of the items correct you are in the running for an offer, maybe not to the school you were hoping for but you never know. Obviously, the more you get correct, the better your chances of getting the school you want so keep on working hard right to the end of each test.

Some Advice on How to use These Practice Items.

In order to practice under similar conditions to the way you will be doing the Selective High Schools Test you are advised to print the passage and the questions out before you try to read or answer the questions. Research has shown that when you read from a computer screen you read at about half the speed and you comprehend about half as well. Your attention span is also vastly reduced